How do I use technology in a targeted, purposeful manner and effectively and efficiently organize my communications?
Organizing AI & CommTech

With the diversity of information and dynamics of communications, the demands on communicators are also increasing. The development of applications based on artificial intelligence and other technical solutions (AI & CommTech) holds considerable potential for making communications more targeted and efficient.

How do I align my communications with the business strategy so that it supports the company’s value creation? In the fierce competition for attention, how do I reach my stakeholders? How do I meet the diverse and sometimes conflicting demands of my internal stakeholders? How do I properly harness the opportunities offered by AI & CommTech and how do I anchor their use in everyday life?

These are just a few of the questions that the communications function in companies must address.

We know the organizational challenges and solution models of communications departments from our day-to-day consulting work and from our consultants’ own many years of corporate experience. Together with you, we:

  • analyze the structures, processes, and interfaces of your company’s communications department
  • sharpen the vision and understanding of roles for the close alignment of communications with the business agenda
  • develop a custom-tailored target structure and define processes for a future-proof, value-adding communications function
  • determine which technical applications and systems can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of communications and provide advice and support during their introduction/implementation
  • manage the process from its formulation and announcement to the complete implementation of structures and processes
  • support teams and employees with training and coaching
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