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How do I correctly organize and communicate a change of leadership?

Management Changeover & Succession Planning

Whether a sudden change of CEO or a long-planned transition at the head of a family-owned company: Management changeovers are watersheds for the reputation of executives and companies. Correctly communicated and professionally executed, they form the basis for a successful positioning and term of office. What does a good 100-day plan look like? How, when, and on which topics should you communicate? On what channels? And what awaits you in your new role and what pitfalls are lurking? We answer such questions and work with you to develop a targeted and effective communications strategy for the changeover at the top:

  • We precisely analyze the communicative starting position, including your stakeholders’ expectations and the biggest opportunities and challenges
  • We work with you to formulate the right communications goals for the respective stakeholders
  • We develop an effective story line and create a custom-tailored plan for your internal and external communications
  • We support your in-house communications experts
  • We coach and train you for your first few appearances in your new role

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Our Expertise

  • Communications Strategy

    Communications play an essential role in the successful execution of business decisions and especially in coping with critical situations. Based on a company’s specific situation, we develop bespoke communications strategies that address and involve all relevant stakeholders. During implementation, we regard ourselves as a sparring partner and a guide to the process for senior management and communications managers.

  • CEO and Executive Communications

    A company’s reputation is largely dependent on the people at the top. The CEO in particular represents a company’s internal and public identity, attitude, and competence. Therefore, the strategic positioning of CEOs and other top executives is one of the core tasks of strategic communications. We develop targeted and authentic strategies to achieve optimal internal and external impact for top managers. We make sure your issues are heard and help you to build trust in your entrepreneurial actions.

  • 360-Degree Reputation Management

    Strategic reputation management creates trust among the relevant stakeholders and is therefore a key task for every company. Based on our clients’ respective business models, we develop well thought-out, effective communications strategies. We take a 360-degree view of all stakeholder groups and plan external and internal communications on analog as well as digital channels. During implementation, we see ourselves as a sounding board and sparring partner for the company’s senior management and communications officers.

  • Stakeholder Analysis

    Corporate communications serve to build stakeholder relationships for the purposes of a company’s business goals. This can only work if a company knows the stakeholders that are critical to its success and is aware of their perceptions, attitudes, and expectations. We help you to identify and understand your key stakeholders – employees and managers as well as external customers, media, investors, and NGOs. Because only on this basis can you develop specific messages and individually tailored, effective measures.

  • Training und Coaching

    We help you prepare for your public appearances and for difficult conversations. Be it for interviews, panel discussions, dialogs with managers and the workforce, or one-on-one meetings. Besides working on presentation and conducting the talk, content preparation is always part of our service. We also coach you and your managers through change processes. Individual crisis simulations round off our training program.