How can I secure the trust of investors and gain sustainable acceptance for capital measures?

Transactions & Capital Measures

The capital market needs to be persuaded to gain lasting trust in your corporate strategy, equity story, and management team. This is especially true for M&A transactions, IPOs, and capital increases. Credible, transparent, consistent, and persuasive financial communications are required to create lasting value-add.

  • We help you develop compelling and verifiable arguments – through to the equity story. We structure complex processes and ensure optimal preparation for transactions where timing is often critical
  • We also provide “hands-on” best-practice advice for regularly scheduled communications such as quarterly figures, annual press conferences, annual general meetings, and road shows or in the conception and implementation of investor days and perception studies
  • We ensure that your messages are understood – by employees and employee representatives as well as by investors, analysts, and the business and financial media

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Our Expertise

  • Communications Strategy

    Communications play an essential role in the successful execution of business decisions and especially in coping with critical situations. Based on a company’s specific situation, we develop bespoke communications strategies that address and involve all relevant stakeholders. During implementation, we regard ourselves as a sparring partner and a guide to the process for senior management and communications managers.

  • Equity Stories

    Successful communications require a convincing equity story based on the facts and figures needed for the capital market. It clearly shows the strengths and future prospects of a company and substantiates them using success factors, core competencies, and key financial indicators. An attractive and realistic vision and a sustainable corporate culture make it possible to set oneself apart from the peer group in the market. This is where we advise our clients – in IPOs, corporate strategy adjustments, defense and takeover situations, or capital measures.

  • Financial Communications and Investor Relations

    We advise listed as well as unlisted or owner-managed companies in their communications with investors, analysts, banks, and the financial and business media. Our long years of experience in business operations across many industries make us an expert and reliable partner in M&A projects. We provide dependable support for mergers and acquisitions in close cooperation with law firms and other stakeholders, including at an international level. We also advise our clients on best practice in investor relations and financial reporting, including regular communication events – for example, quarterly results, annual press conferences, and annual general meetings.

  • Media Relations

    The reputation of companies and their top executives is shaped and reflected in the coverage of leading, business, and specialist media. Professional media relations are accordingly important. We develop media strategies for our clients, support them in preparing content for specific target groups, and establish connections to our excellent network of journalists. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and respect between our clients and the relevant media representatives.

  • Internal Communications

    Managers and employees are every company’s most important resource. This is all the more true in our digitalized, knowledge-based economy, and it calls for new, agile forms of cooperation and a corresponding understanding of internal communications. Well-planned, up-to-date, and dialogic internal communication ensures acceptance, motivation, and identification among managers and employees and increases their willingness to embrace change.

    We work with our clients to develop individual concepts for effective internal communications and support their implementation, from co-creative concept development to the implementation of interactive and participative communications formats and the effective anchoring of corporate values.

  • 360-Degree Reputation Management

    Strategic reputation management creates trust among the relevant stakeholders and is therefore a key task for every company. Based on our clients’ respective business models, we develop well thought-out, effective communications strategies. We take a 360-degree view of all stakeholder groups and plan external and internal communications on analog as well as digital channels. During implementation, we see ourselves as a sounding board and sparring partner for the company’s senior management and communications officers.