We Are Your Trusted Advisors  

Our range of services is geared to our clients’ strategic and communicative challenges. As communications experts, we specialize in using analytical methods, ready-to-implement concepts, and operational support to establish and secure the required stakeholder acceptance and support needed in success-critical situations.

We Are Your Trusted Advisors  

Our range of services is geared to our clients’ strategic and communicative challenges. As communications experts, we specialize in using analytical methods, ready-to-implement concepts, and operational support to establish and secure the required stakeholder acceptance and support needed in success-critical situations.

    • Communications Strategy

      Communications play an essential role in the successful execution of business decisions and especially in coping with critical situations. Based on a company’s specific situation, we develop bespoke communications strategies that address and involve all relevant stakeholders. During implementation, we see ourselves as a sparring partner and a guide to the process for senior management and communications managers.

    • Equity Stories

      Successful communications require a convincing equity story based on the facts and figures needed for the capital market. It clearly shows the strengths and future prospects of a company and substantiates them using success factors, core competencies, and key financial indicators. An attractive and realistic vision and a sustainable corporate culture make it possible to set oneself apart from the peer group in the market. This is where we advise our clients – in IPOs, corporate strategy adjustments, defense and takeover situations, or capital measures.

    • CEO and Executive Communications

      A company’s reputation is largely dependent on the people at the top. The CEO in particular represents a company’s internal and public identity, attitude, and competence. Therefore, the strategic positioning of CEOs and other top executives is one of the core tasks of strategic communications. We develop targeted and authentic strategies to achieve optimal internal and external impact for top managers. We make sure your issues are heard and help you to build trust in your entrepreneurial actions.

    • Purpose, Mission, Values

      Companies operate under increasingly complex conditions: Attitudes towards work, consumption, and sustainability are changing, and new business and working models are emerging along with tech innovation and digitalization. When everything is in flux, companies need to provide all the more orientation: Purpose, mission statement, and values are points of reference not only for employees and managers but also for the external environment. We use participative methods to jointly develop purpose statements, mission statements, or corporate values that address all stakeholders and turn a strong corporate culture into a success factor.

    • Sustainability and ESG Communications

      Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in public discourse. Investors and customers as well as employees and society at large are demanding that companies act responsibly. Transparency about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics is particularly important in this connection. We develop stakeholder-driven communication of these issues, embedded in a comprehensive strategic approach.

    • Stakeholder Analysis

      Corporate communications serve to build stakeholder relationships for the purposes of a company’s business goals. This can only work if a company knows the stakeholders that are critical to its success and is aware of their perceptions, attitudes, and expectations. We help you to identify and understand your key stakeholders – employees and managers as well as external customers, media, investors, and NGOs. Because only on this basis can you develop specific messages and individually tailored, effective measures.

    • 360-Degree Reputation Management

      Strategic reputation management creates trust among the relevant stakeholders and is therefore a key task for every company. Based on our clients’ respective business models, we develop well thought-out, effective communications strategies. We take a 360-degree view of all stakeholder groups and plan external and internal communications on analog as well as digital channels. During implementation, we see ourselves as a sounding board and sparring partner for the company’s senior management and communications officers.

    • Financial Communications and Investor Relations

      We advise listed as well as unlisted or owner-managed companies in their communications with investors, analysts, banks, and the financial and business media. Our long years of experience in business operations across many industries make us an expert and reliable partner in M&A projects. We provide dependable support for mergers and acquisitions in close cooperation with law firms and other stakeholders, including at an international level. We also advise our clients on best practice in investor relations and financial reporting, including regular communication events – for example, quarterly results, annual press conferences, and annual general meetings.

    • Internal Communications

      Managers and employees are every company’s most important resource. This is all the more true in our digitalized, knowledge-based economy, and it calls for new, agile forms of cooperation and a corresponding understanding of internal communications. Well-planned, up-to-date, and dialogic internal communication ensures acceptance, motivation, and identification among managers and employees and increases their willingness to embrace change.

      We work with our clients to develop individual concepts for effective internal communications and support their implementation, from co-creative concept development to the implementation of interactive and participative communications formats and the effective anchoring of corporate values.

    • Media Relations

      The reputation of companies and their top executives is shaped and reflected in the coverage of leading, business, and specialist media. Professional media relations are accordingly important. We develop media strategies for our clients, support them in preparing content for specific target groups, and establish connections to our excellent network of journalists. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and respect between our clients and the relevant media representatives.

    • Public Affairs

      For an increasing number of sectors, it is crucial to develop precise ideas about their policy-related goals for regulation and to convincingly and effectively represent them in civic and political dialogs.

      We support companies in maintaining a constructive, continuous dialog with all stakeholders – at the municipal, state, federal, or EU level. We use a 360-degree advocacy approach to help our clients safeguard, adapt, and evolve their business models.

    • Digital Communications and Social Media

      When developing and implementing communications strategies, we consider digital communications and social media as natural, integral components. We also support our clients – in matters of strategy and operations – to master specific challenges in the digital transformation of business models and communications, for example, building a digital reputation or positioning themselves as a thought leader on digital topics.

      We help develop topics across different platforms and engage in successful storytelling across all relevant channels. We use social media crisis simulations to train those responsible in dealing with the special risks of the social web.

    • Engaging the Management and Workforce

      We use smart team and group formats to ensure that strategy and change processes develop the necessary momentum to have an impact throughout the company. For example, we use serious gaming and agile methods to help change protagonists fulfill their role as change leaders, change-makers, and change agents. We are able to professionally supervise project and change teams as well as large group conferences, and we provide optimal support with digital tools.

    • Managing and Communicating Change

      Early-stage, open, well-planned, and comprehensive communications boost willingness to change among executives and employees and increase acceptance among external stakeholders. In close dialog with our clients, we therefore develop individual concepts for communicating transformation and change processes internally and externally, and we support their implementation. From the co-creative concept development phase to the implementation of interactive, participative communication formats, through to the effective anchoring of corporate values. The focus is always on the triangle of strategy, culture, and structure.

    • Training und Coaching

      We help you prepare for your public appearances and for difficult conversations. Be it for interviews, panel discussions, dialogs with managers and the workforce, or one-on-one meetings. Besides working on presentation and conducting the talk, content preparation is always part of our service. We also coach you and your managers through change processes. Individual crisis simulations round off our training program.

    • Crisis Communications and Issues Management

      In the event of a crisis, we are at our clients’ side, providing strategic consultation and operational support, right away and 24/7 if necessary. However, good crisis communications begins well in advance and doesn’t stop when the crisis situation ends. We support you in optimally preparing for a crisis or preventing critical issues from becoming crises in the first place. We identify reputation-critical issues and uncover weaknesses in existing crisis communications structures and processes, both internally and externally. Based on this, we develop guidelines and processes for crises.

      Our media training and coaching sessions prepare managers and communicators for emergency situations. During a crisis, we protect your reputation and steer you safely through the acute phase. Afterwards, we help you to systematically strengthen your reputation.

    • Litigation Communications

      Being involved in a legal dispute or compliance issue can cause lasting reputational damage to a company, as the “court of public opinion” generally renders its judgments more quickly than courts of justice. Therefore, a clear communications strategy is needed to get to the heart of often highly complex issues and get the right message across at the right time.

      In these often long phases of legal uncertainty, convincing argumentation is key to reputational protection – and thus ultimately to business success. We have advised our clients in close cooperation with renowned law firms for many years.

    • Communications during Cyberattacks

      Cyber-crises are becoming the most common type of crisis while also having by far the greatest potential for damage, sometimes even threatening companies’ survival. Even with good preparation, the dynamics and complexity of cyber-crises remain challenging. We work with you to develop conceivable scenarios and appropriate tactics for the ideal prevention of a crisis and for quick and effective action in an emergency. We sensitize employees to the topic of cybersecurity with specific training and regular simulations.

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