How do I ensure that managers and employees understand and support our strategy?
Strategy Communications & Implementation

The best strategy is useless if it is not successfully executed. Successful strategy communications begins with your managers and employees knowing and understanding the strategy. They should be adequately informed and motivated, and they should know what part they play in the company’s success. At the same time, it is important to address and win over other success-relevant stakeholders – be they owners, the financial markets, media, policymakers, or NGOs.

Strategy communications and stakeholder dialog are important success factors in executing the strategy. We develop effective concepts to:

  • communicate your strategy to all relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • cascade your strategy in all areas and at all levels of the company
  • involve and activate managers and employees
  • maintain a targeted dialog with external stakeholders and build resilient relationships
  • accompany the strategy implementation with ongoing progress communications, expectations management, and further development
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