How do I achieve effective change in my organization and further develop our corporate culture?
Transformation & Cultural Development

New business models, new markets, new ways of working: Constant change has long become the norm in most companies, and its intensity and pace continue to increase. Many organizations face the challenge of initiating the next phase of change before the previous one is complete. This brings managers and employees to the limits of their willingness and ability to change.

We support you in inspiring and empowering your managers and employees for change in order to develop an adaptive culture that supports business success. To do this, we:

  • formulate a transformation story line that highlights the necessity of the change as well as its opportunities
  • work with you to develop defining core elements of your culture such as purpose, mission statement, values, and conduct
  • design a transformation program that covers all relevant drivers of behavior in addition to communications
  • create platforms and formats to activate managers and empower them to shape the change together with their teams
  • establish networks of multipliers and change agents that accelerate transformation across hierarchical levels and functional areas
  • develop communications and interaction formats to involve employees throughout the company
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