How can I protect my company’s reputation and value?
Crises & Litigation

A crisis situation can threaten a company’s survival or the legitimacy of top decision-makers. In any case, there is a risk of considerable loss of reputation and damage to the business. Cyber-crises that can affect any company at any time are rapidly becoming more of an issue. Without the proper preparation, crises are difficult to manage. In an acute case, it is crucial to enter into dialog with all relevant stakeholders quickly and reliably. Besides proper preparation, this requires experience, calm, and reliable processes.

We have the necessary routine to:

  • support you in crisis prevention with risk and issues management
  • prepare you for possible crises in your company and develop appropriate processes, guidelines, and documents
  • make you crisis-ready with realistic emergency situation training and simulations
  • guide you safely and calmly through the acute phase of a crisis situation and, if necessary, provide 24/7 on-site support after a crisis to help you follow up on it and initiate appropriate improvements
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