Communicating Strategy

Communicating Strategy

The successful implementation of corporate and business strategies can only succeed with the support of relevant stakeholders, be they employees, customers or protagonists in the political environment. Ensuring this support is a key management task. We work side-by-side with the decision-makers to facilitate the implementation of strategies with effective communications. 

Successful strategy communication creates a bridge between strategic objectives and their implementation. It gives stakeholders a sense of orientation and creates transparency, understanding, and trust in the company’s management. This ensures the company has the necessary scope for action. 

Designing the Communications

We make strategies communicable and translate our clients’ overall strategies and strategic programs into comprehensible, credible, and effective presentations and messages. Systematic stakeholder mapping and environment analyses form a reliable basis for precisely tailored communication concepts for addressing all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Announcing the Strategy

We ensure that strategies are heard, understood and supported. To this end, we develop precisely tailored formats that make the company’s target image or vision tangible and point the way to it. Acceptance and support depend crucially on whether the relevant internal and external stakeholders recognize the strategy’s necessity and benefits. We therefore make it a priority for managers and employees in particular to understand what the strategy means for them personally, and what contribution they can make to its success.

Supporting its Implementation

The successful execution of a strategy depends on the ongoing support of managers and employees as well as external stakeholders. Regular updates on progress and achievements are just as important as continuous expectation management. We pay particular attention to the close involvement of executives and employees. We support our clients in the planning and targeted management of internal communications with executives and employees, and in establishing and developing their company culture. With bespoke communications solutions – from classic staff letters to custom employee apps and innovative workshop formats – we put our clients in a position to send out clear messages that build acceptance for the corporate strategy, trust in the management, and willingness to support them.