Strategy Implementation and Transformation

Strategy Implementation and Transformation

In this age of rapid digital and technological progress, companies must keep evolving their business strategy if they are to maintain and improve their competitiveness. This is only possible with the support of relevant stakeholders, be they employees, customers or protagonists in the political environment. Ensuring this support is a key management task. Together with decision-makers, we work to enable the implementation of strategies and successfully shape transformation processes by ensuring effective communications.

Strategy Communications

Successful strategy communications create a bridge between strategic objectives and their implementation. We refer to this as integral communications. It gives stakeholders a sense of orientation and creates transparency, understanding, and trust in the company’s management. This ensures the company has the necessary scope for action.

We translate our clients’ strategic decisions into understandable, credible, and effective key messages. Systematic stakeholder mapping and field analyses provide a reliable foundation for tailor-made communications concepts.

Transformation and Change Management

Change is the new constant, whether in connection with takeovers, strategy shifts, restructuring, or the transformation to digital. A quick and purposeful execution of change projects gives companies a competitive advantage. Early-stage, open, well-planned, and comprehensive communications increase the staff’s willingness to embrace change, as well as acceptance among external stakeholders. We therefore develop, in close dialog with our clients, individual concepts for communicating transformation and change processes internally and externally, and support their implementation.

Management and Employee Engagement

Effective strategy implementation hinges on the close involvement of the management and employees. Therefore, effective in-house communications are the key to sustainable business development. We support our clients in planning and systematically managing their internal communications with executives and employees, and in establishing and developing their corporate culture. Our bespoke communications solutions – from classic employee letters to in-house employee apps – empower our clients to build an understanding of corporate strategy and trust in the management, using clear messages.