Reputation Management and Positioning

Reputation Management and Positioning

Corporate communications – as we understand it – is strategic reputation management, which makes it a key task for every company. It aims to increase a company’s credibility among all the relevant stakeholders, to strengthen confidence in the business model, and to contribute to value creation.



Communications Strategy

A company’s business and communications strategy have to be closely interwoven. Based on our clients’ respective business models, we develop well thought-out, effective communications strategies and support their implementation. We take a 360-degree view of all stakeholder groups, and plan external as well as internal communications, on analog as well as digital channels. In this way, we use the positioning opportunities of all available in-house and external platforms, across traditional and digital media. During implementation, we see ourselves as a sounding board for the company’s senior management and communications officers.

Corporate Communications

Successful corporate communications lives by strong stories. We tell them with clear messages, tailored to the respective stakeholders. And we use effective measures and targeted formats to ensure implementation of a given communications strategy. On request, we support clients with our extensive network in the media and politics, or take over an active spokesperson role.

CEO Communications

People are just as important to a company’s reputation as the content they represent. The CEO in particular represents a company’s identity, competence, and brand within the company and in public. The strategic positioning of the CEO is therefore one of our core tasks. We ensure optimal internal and external impact through targeted communications. This is especially important when there is a management changeover at a company. Beyond CEO communications, we provide support in the form of coaching and media training.

Positioning and Coaching for Top Managers

To maximize the reach and impact of corporate communications, a well-orchestrated positioning of top executives is crucial. However, the concerted lineup of content, measures and formats can only be effective if each individual delivers a convincing performance. To achieve this as best as possible, we conduct one-on-one coaching and individual media training for top executives.

Communications management and controlling

Communications can only be managed if its success is measurable. Successful reputation management is not only distinguished by careful planning, but also by precise controlling. In order to optimize the actual effectiveness of communications, we continually review the measures taken for their contribution to value creation. Besides designing suitable controlling systems, we also offer individual instruments such as stakeholder surveys or perception analyses in the capital market. From these, we derive clear recommendations for the further development of communications.