Public Affairs and Government Relations

Public Affairs and Government Relations

Companies are faced with increasing demands from society and government. The success of their business model increasingly depends on the political and regulatory framework, and thus on dealing with the relevant stakeholders from government, administration and the regulatory authorities. It is therefore crucial for companies to develop precise ideas about their policy-related regulatory goals, and to convincingly and effectively represent them in civic and political dialogs.


We support companies in maintaining a constructive, continuous dialog with all stakeholders – and at all levels: municipal, state, federal and/or EU. Our 360-degree advocacy approach helps our clients safeguard, adapt, or evolve their business models. We ensure a close dovetailing between public and political communications – using traditional media, social networks, or in direct exchange with relevant stakeholders.

Regulatory Affairs

We work with our clients to effectively organize regulative processes vis-à-vis policymakers, and administrative and supervisory authorities. Lobbying German and European regulatory authorities in the context of approval and licensing procedures requires consummate integrity and professional expertise. Together with our senior advisors, we have the necessary procedural and content-related knowledge, as well as a broad and high-ranking network.

Market Access and Entry

Services and products that are subject to tight regulation especially require forward-looking communications that takes all stakeholder groups into account. Especially with regard to regulatory proposals, we contact institutions at the earliest possible date in order to effectively raise our clients’ concerns. In this way, we help to achieve a balance between necessary regulation, and the necessary scope for entrepreneurial action.

Network Communications

We have a comprehensive international network in business, politics and civil society, which we draw on to help companies identify their issues at an early stage, and to jointly work on effectively addressing their concerns and objectives.

We see our network as a tool for translating our clients’ specific concerns to stakeholders in government and administration at state, federal and EU level. In this way, we also enable our clients to meet key stakeholders and develop a relationship with them. Additionally, we rely on an exclusive group of senior advisors, whose expertise we selectively draw on in advising our clients.