Financial Communications and Investor Relations

Financial Communications and Investor Relations

Credibility, transparency, and continuity are crucial to the success of financial communications and investor relations. Guided by these principles, we empower companies to build sustained trust in the management and its strategies for creating value.

Financial Communications

We advise listed as well as unlisted, owner-managed companies in their communications with investors, analysts, banks, and the financial and business media. Specific coaching for top management helps to ensure a convincing presence on the capital market.

Investor Relations

Based on a comprehensive perception analysis, we support the further development of the equity story, and work with our clients to develop effective Investor Relations strategies. We advise on best practice in investor relations and financial reporting. Our clients also receive support in the preparation of content for events as annual press conferences, roadshows, or ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings.


Our long years of experience in business operations across many industries makes us an expert and reliable partner in M&A projects. Together with our clients, we develop communications measures to achieve high transaction security and acceptance among the key stakeholders at an early stage. We provide experienced, dependable support for mergers and acquisitions, in close cooperation with law firms and other stakeholders, including at an international level.

Defense und Shareholder Activism

Our clients can rely on the expertise of our consultants in defense situations and in dealing with activist shareholders. We develop, at short notice, targeted strategies that enable prompt and appropriate responses, preserve the ability to act, and safeguard value.

IPO and Capital Measures

Our consultants have many years of experience with IPOs and other capital measures on the equity and loan-capital side. Optimal preparation is crucial for complex, time-critical transaction processes. We identify project-specific success factors, develop targeted communications strategies, and support the implementation of communications measures – before, during, and after a transaction.