Executive Round Table China

Executive Round Table China

The interconnections between the European and German economies and China’s economy are stronger than ever before, and growing. The volume of trade with China has almost reached the same level as with the U.S., and investment in each other's economies was balanced for the first time in 2016. These changes give rise to discussions about competitive conditions. China has launched an ambitious “Made in China 2025” reform program to become a leading industrial and technological nation. The European Union, and German companies in particular, want to seize the opportunities, which means they need fair, reliable trading and investment terms.

The legal environment in China continues to present a challenge for European companies. There is still a long way to go before the political announcements – in both China and the EU – about being more open about free trade and investment and achieving a level playing field are put into action.

Many companies successfully operate in both economic areas, but require solutions for challenges that crop up in their day-to-day business

Dialogue for a better Understanding

This is why we established the Executive Round Table China. Three times a year, we host this exclusive exchange of ideas between high-ranking Chinese, officials from national governments and the EU, and representatives of well-known companies. Direct dialog gives all participants the opportunity to address their challenges to the right contacts and establish their positions.

Together with our partners, we alternately hold this dialogue in Brussels and Berlin. We do this in pursuit of two objectives: to deepen the good relations between companies, the European Union and China, and to further develop mutual understanding of corresponding and differing interests.