Digital Communications Strategies and Tools

Digital communications strategies and tools

We have extensive digital experience and are well-connected with digital opinion leaders in media, politics and business. We understand the implications of digital transformation, because for years we have advised globally leading companies in industries that are increasingly digital, such as IT/technology, telecommunications and media. Many of our consultants also contribute years of experience from companies that have already gone through digital disruption or are in the midst of transformation. In this way, we combine an understanding of the realities in business with digital expertise and creativity.

Our operational services include concepts and methods for implementing a successful digital transformation of corporate cultures and business models, as well as the development of communications strategies to establish a company’s digital reputation and position it as a thought leader in the digital environment. We help develop topics across different platforms, and engage in successful storytelling across all relevant channels. We provide assured support to our clients as they prepare for and master reputation-critical situations.

In our work we use new digital approaches and tools as a matter of course, from social media crisis simulations and digital reputation analyses to designing digital communication platforms and formats.