Crisis Communications and Special Situations

Crisis Communications and Special Situations

Crises and special situations such as product recalls, accidents, restructuring, insolvencies or lawsuits can significantly damage a company’s reputation. As a trustworthy partner, we help our clients maintain their credibility and leeway for action as well as protect the reputation and value of their company.

Crisis Communications

Crisis situations can threaten a company’s survival. We advise our clients on effective communications planning and support its implementation in a crisis situation. Our work focuses on prevention and issues management in advance, the protection of our clients during a crisis, and systematic reputation building in the aftermath.

We identify issues and weaknesses in the existing procedures of crisis communications to the in- and outside. Based on this, we develop principles and processes for crises. Media training and coaching prepares managers and communicators for emergency situations. In social media crisis simulations, we train the responsible officers to handle the special risks of the social web (“shitstorms”).

During a crisis, we provide the responsible officers with strategic consultation and operational support, right away and 24/7 if necessary. After successfully overcoming a crisis we help companies return to normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Compliance and Litigation Communications

We serve as a reliable partner to advise companies on how to handle communications in connection with compliance issues and legal disputes. We work with our clients and their legal advisors to develop lines of argument and communications strategies for various stakeholders and scenarios. We ensure that our clients are as well-prepared as possible and capable of comment.

By always tailoring communications to the business strategy as well as the legal objectives and requirements, we help our clients protect their company from reputational damage.

Restructuring and Insolvency Communications

We are a competent and reliable partner for handling communications during times of restructuring and insolvency proceedings. Together with the responsible officers, we draw up convincing and consistent communications concepts for, say, limiting negative aspects during a restructuring, and highlighting opportunities and future prospects for the company.