Family-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurial Families

Advisory for Family-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurial Families

Our consultants support family businesses and entrepreneurial families in all matters of corporate decision-making and communications. From successful mandates for business-owning families and our partners’ many years of experience in family-owned companies, we are particularly familiar with the sometimes highly specific laws that govern family business contexts. Trust, discretion, and integrity are our top priority.

The business models of family-owned companies or firms with families as the main shareholders do not differ fundamentally from those of other companies. However, there are sometimes special issues and challenges in connection with aspects such as governance, succession, history and sensitivities, which must be addressed and represented in strategy and communications.

Other important action areas include positioning the entrepreneurial families and protecting their reputation – in line with or to set them apart from the positioning of the companies concerned. We pay particular attention to values ​​such as entrepreneurial and social responsibility, continuity, and consistency, which are expressed in long-view positionings that go beyond the company’s quarterly reporting.