Change and Transformation Management

Change & Transformation Management

From acquisitions to strategy shifts, from restructuring to the digital transformation, no matter how new the situation may seem, change has always been a constant in business and society. Putting change into action quickly and purposefully gives companies a competitive advantage. We help organizations to master the challenges that arise from this. We analyze, draft concepts and communicate, manage processes and execute strategic changes. As experienced experts and consultants in communications and change, we very often use the co-creation principle, working with our clients to jointly develop custom-tailored solutions for change management. This starts with the appropriate change design or change architecture and incorporates sensemaking through effective communications with smart interactions and the right interventions, as well as coaching the main protagonists of the transformation. In our capacity as consultants, project managers, trainers or coaches, we use proven, professional methods and innovative tools.

Our focus is on the soft factors of change, so we primarily provide support during changes of corporate culture required by corporate strategy, in helping to empower top management and executives, to strengthen team performance, in the targeted communication during the change, and in designing creative learning formats.

Change Design – Analysis, Conception and Consulting

During times of strategic change and fundamental transformations, we act as advisors to our clients, serving as experts and sparring partners. One factor we consider essential to success is designing change management with a change architecture that makes change manageable while also increasing the change readiness within the company. Based on a stakeholder-oriented diagnosis of change needs and identifiable force fields within and outside the organization, we design efficient change architectures and create an infrastructure that ensures the effectiveness of the interventions for change.

Sensemaking – Communication and Context

Early-stage, open, well-planned, and comprehensive communications boost the willingness to change among executives and employees and increase acceptance among external stakeholders. We therefore develop, in close dialog with our clients, individual concepts for communicating transformation and change processes internally and externally, and support their implementation. From the co-creative conception phase to the implementation of dialog-based, participative communication, to the effective mainstreaming of communication formats. The focus is always on the triangle of strategy, culture and structure.

Smart Interactions – Effective Formats

With intelligent team and group formats, we ensure that change processes accelerate and release energy throughout the company. For example, we use Serious Gaming and agile methods to help change protagonists fulfill their role as change leaders, change makers and change agents. We are able to professionally supervise project and change teams as well as large group conferences, and provide optimal support with digital tools.