Kavita & Teresa

Kavita & Teresa

We support the film and charity project "Kavita & Teresa" of the non-profit "Zariya Foundation". The film project was initiated by producer and actress Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz and is realized in cooperation with screenwriter and director Kamal Musale.

The film connects the life and work of the order founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa in India with the life of Kavita, a modern Indian woman living in the West. Among other things, the biopic, which shows the "woman behind the saint", deals with the search for meaning in life and orientation in existential decisions.

The production is fully funded by donations; the premiere of the film is scheduled for 2020. All revenues from screening and distribution as well as other donations go to charitable institutions and foundations that support needy children in education and health care, especially in India.

We act as a sparring partner and support the project with strategic consultancy in communication planning.