Deutschlandstiftung Integration

Deutschland­stiftung Integration

Under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Deutschlandstiftung Integration and its partners Deutsche Telekom, EDEKA, Coca-Cola and Deutsche Postbank, as well as other sponsors and supporters, make a lasting contribution to integration in Germany. They provide special support to young people with immigrant backgrounds, so as to open up opportunities for them in Germany.

Successful integration requires a broad social consensus that includes both a clear commitment to openness and diversity, as well as clear rules and conditions for our coexistence. Both are equally necessary to preserve social cohesion and safeguard the future viability of Germany. Deutschlandstiftung Integration sees it as its task to actively support this process.

Deutschlandstiftung Integration was founded by the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) in 2008, and aims to make a perceptible contribution to the success of integration in Germany. Dr. Thomas Gauly has sat on the Board of Trustees since 2012, and has served as its Chairman since April 2016.